Thursday, 19 July 2012

DIY Birthday Calendar

Isn’t this just the cutest way to remember birthdays?

I am always the one who has to read the facebook feeds before I wish Happy Birthday. Hopefully my forgetful days are over...I have discovered the prettiest and easiest DIY birthday calendar!
You will need:
Piece of wood (you can choose the size)
Spray paint or paint
12 hooks or needles
Color coded circles for names
Circles: In my opinion you can use cardboard, wood, tiles, paper {whatever floats your boat).
Make your birthday calendar as unique as possible and use the colors you like! You can even use this idea as an anniversary board or memory board, were you ‘dot-down’ places you have been together.  
For the full Monty, take a look on Christiney's cool blog:

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